What makes me psychic?

I was very sick as an infant and child and remember leaving my body and looking down upon doctors and nurses standing around me observing me turning blue about talking about it from a clinical standpoint.  So I have always gone through life knowing that our body is merely a vehicle for a consciousness that exists beyond our physical self.


You may have heard about the concept of right brain and left brain. The right Side of the brain deals with large concepts, creativity, intuitiveness and concepts like love and God. The left side of the brain is our analytical self. From this side of the brain we judge and make decisions


I am a strongly right brained visionary, gifted in creativity, and energy healing.  I was a professional ballet dancer for 17 years dancing with ballet companies around the world then moved on to choreography, dance teacher and director of a performing arts company. At age 50 I got my massage therapy license and spent the next 11 years as a full time healer working with thousands of clients. This hands-on experience increased my intuitive abilities exponentially. In addition to receiving messages from spirit I began seeing past lives.


I have studied all manner of metaphysics for the past 40 years in order to understand and fully utilize this part of the brain that gives me these abilities. There are dozens of subjects that fall under the category of metaphysics. I am especially drawn to tarot, energy healing, past life regression, spiritual ritual, dreamwork, guided meditation, shamanism.


I am happy to know now that the Great Spirit is directing me to step fully into being a channel for healing, fully utilizing my psychic, visionary, intuitive abilities.

What is a psychic reading?

Psychics have the hightened ability, that we all possess, to connect to the energy and information in the non-physical realm and to interpret what is in the process of manifesting. This may help to provide you the knowledge to make the most educated choice of which path to follow. I may ask you questions and the purpose of this is that sometimes a little information helps me more quickly get right to what you need to know. The future has not occurred as of yet, you have the ability through free will to change it. We are always in the process of creation. What you focus on today (positive or negative, consciously or unconsciously), is what potentially could be in your reality tomorrow. It is important to remember that you are the one in control of your life. My goal is to be a clear channel for your highest good but never let me or anyone convince you to do anything that does not feel right or true to you.

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are highly evolved energies in the non-physical realm who guide and assist us throughout our physical lives.  I utilize the assistance of spirit guides when channeling during psychic readings. Spirit Guides are always there for assistance, regardless of whether the challenge is large or small, but will not intervene without our request.  


Divination stems from the truth that everything is connected, everything has meaning and that nothing occurs at random. The divination tools used have not changed from those employed to listen to the gods thousands of years ago- dreams, trances, tossed coins, tarot, astrology, etc. The Great Spirit speaks to us all the time. It is our limited perception that prevents us from sensing this communication. The appearance of randomness is only an illusion caused by our blindness to ultimate spiritual reality.