Daily Tarot ~ Claiming Your Power

Ace of Pentacles and Panther Animal Spirit

Oracle Message for June 23, 2019

9 of Cups and Flamingo Spirit

Tabaash, Be in your God Nature

New Zealander, Blair Styra, acts as a channel for the being known as Tabaash Salaam Mahyam, an entity who lived in Sumaria 5,000 years ago.

What is Channeling?

Spirit channeling is opening to our higher mind, spirit guides, guardian angels, nature spirits, extraterrestrials, avatars, the Holy Spirit, Jesus or other higher dimensional beings to bring forth messages of love, wisdom, inspiration and healing. The difference between trance channeling and conscious channeling is discussed.

Motherhood and the Three of Wands

How does the three of wands in the tarot deck relate to motherhood? Tarot card for Mother’s Day

The Law of Attraction

Understanding and coming to our place of power. Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction. Brian Froud and the Fairy Oracle