” Grace was very attentive to what I needed.  I would highly recommend her. I will definitely be going back.”

Beth H.

“Grace is aptly named. She’s a kind, thoughtful soul.  Will definitely see her again!”


” There is never a time when you feel that she is anywhere else but working for your own best healing experience.” 

Jeannie A.

” I felt a warm buzzing energy around my head… I felt like she had opened my soul and looked in! It was an expansive and deeply energizing experience.” 

Andrew B.

 Grace’s gift is wholly present with you and with spirit.”

Rachel J.

“Amazing! She was so pleasant. She was spot on with my reading. I was left glowing.”

Erin F

“I’m really glad I did it! Grace is warm, welcoming, and easy to talk to and the information, insights and clarity that came out of the session were very helpful.”

Zirah H

“Grace is an awesome human. Loved this cosmic experience.”

Shawna D

“Wonderful experience with Grace. The reading was amazing and spot on. Could not have been any better! She addressed all of my concerns. ”

Joanne J

“Grace is awesome! I appreciated her warm and gentle spirit.”

Nicole G

“Grace was very pleasant and made the experience so gentle and peaceful”

Alyson C

“Will definitely return to her again and I can’t even begin to say how relaxed I felt afterwards. Genuinely warm and calm.”

Melissa M

“She has a spiritual element intended for healing the whole person, mind, body and spirit.”

Billie G

“Grace is a gifted intuitive, her energy is pleasantly palpable. What she intuited from the reading was spot on. I will be back for sure.”

Jessilynn G

“She hit the nail on the head with the reading”

Maria Z

“Everything I needed and more.”

Cheryl S

“Grace was extremely nice and her work is out of this world. I had such a relaxed and peaceful feeling after. I would highly recommend her.”

Deborah M

“Grace was incredibly intuitive during my reading.  Her insights were very helpful and I feel great about the suggestions she made. I’ll definitely be referring friends to her.”

Kylie B

“Lovely woman. Excellent experience.”

Tish B

“Peaceful, calm and attuned! Grace has a high level of integrity and beautifully developed gift of intuition.”

Desiree D

” Grace is phenomenal.”

Ken G